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Live Blogging Pro Tips: Using the Scorecard Feature

by Thomas Moran |  July 2, 2018

Naturally, large football events, like the FIFA World Cup, Champions League and various national matches, see a high demand for online coverage. Covering a match with a live blog offers the opportunity to keep track of every moment, from possession to substitution and formation. But of course, the most pressing updates to keep on top of will be goals scored.

That’s where Live Blog’s Scorecard feature can help. Not only does it allow for key information on the score to be displayed in a visually appealing way, additional points, such as who scored and in what minute of the game, are also easy to include. And the Scorecard feature isn’t limited to just covering football matches either – it’s also a valuable tool for covering other sports such as ice hockey and basketball.

To help you get the most out of Live Blog’s Scorecard feature, we’ve made a short screencast:

If you’re looking for more tips on covering football matches, have a read of our guide on live blogging the FIFA World Cup.

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