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Live Blog Reporter app

Not available for Live Blog Solo

Live Blog comes with a mobile app. It allows your team’s bloggers to contribute and live blog directly from your mobile phone, whether they’re using iPhone or an Android device. Just download the Live Blog reporter app and log in with the credentials you use for your Live Blog instance. Browse the existing blogs and contribute and publish to those which you are assigned to.

Live Blog | Professional Tool for Live Blogging

Social media posts

Adding social media content in Live Blog is as easy as copying and pasting URLs (or embed codes) into the Live Blog editor that you grab directly from each service. In Live Blog we rely on embed.ly, a reliable service that provides access to 300+ social media content providers.

Image slideshows (version 3.1)

Imagine Oscar night, a fashion show or Carnival: these are just some of the use cases when images are the point of main interest for the audience. In this case, instead of just showing one image per post, you can arrange various images inside one post and present them as enlargeable photo collections to your users.

Live Blog supports this feature now in combination with Classic theme 2.3.45. All you have to do is upload one picture after the other in a single post and publish them to the timeline. The Classic theme will show thumbnails of these pictures in a clickable gallery. Users can then enlarge them and click through the whole image slideshow.

Live Blog | Professional Tool for Live Blogging

Rich media posts

Deliver a multimedia experience with image slideshows, video streams and other types of multimedia to your feed. With our live blogging platform, you’ll always have the latest technology to engage your audience.

Live Blog | Professional Tool for Live Blogging

Scorecards (version 3.1)

Scorecards are our starting point into the world of data visualization for sports coverage. Live blogging about a sports event requires presenting data in a comprehensive and meaningful way. Most important in this regard is the score of the game and who scored in what minute. Tell us what else you would like to use for your sports coverage. We want to build on this!

Live Blog | Professional Tool for Live Blogging

User comments

Engage the news community. Live Blog’s commenting function lets you incorporate direct feedback in real time – including eyewitness reports. Inform your readers as the story evolves.

Live Blog | Professional Tool for Live Blogging

Custom post types – free types management (version 3.1)

Not available for Live Blog Solo and Live Blog Solo Mobile

What if you could create post types specifically for a certain type of event on your own? You or your webmasters would need some basic HTML knowledge, but apart from that it´s all about a use case, an idea about how to best illustrate it and the idea for a custom post type. This is what we have now introduced with the Free types manager.

Some possibilities: Planning to cover an election? You could present the election results for each party in a custom-designed post type that comes with all the party names in a table. Each time there is a new result, all you have to do is add the percentage and then publish it to your audience. What other kinds of posts can you imagine? We are really looking forward to seeing your free types in use.

Theme management

Not available for Live Blog Solo and Live Blog Solo Mobile

Customise Live Blog to match your site’s design. Multiple themes allow you to use one Live Blog instance across different sites and devices.

Native and remote ads (version 3.1)

Live blogging is the news format of the digital age. Many live blogs are more successful than regular news articles in terms of unique visitors and time on page . However, since it requires two to three editors to properly cover an event and curate all social media content at the same time, live blogging is also an expensive format.

To better monetise your live blog coverage, publishers now have the chance to deliver their blogs with native or remote ads integrated into the regular timeline of posts. Two new post types allow you to either add an advertisement zone from your ad provider into a post and publish it to the timeline or create a native ad consisting of text, image and a link target. We are curious to get your feedback on this new feature, since we are already working on a more elaborate advertisement management interface.

Live Blog | Professional Tool for Live Blogging

Blog analytics (version 3.1)

Live Blog 3.1 comes with a comprehensive statistics feature. Sourcefabric introduced a statistics endpoint to the Live Blog API which allows you to count the unique visits which you receive on your Live Blogs.

The counter was introduced into version 2.3.45 of the Classic theme. So as soon as you update to version 3.1 of Live Blog and version 2.3.45 of the Classic theme, the unique visits to all of your Blogs will be counted and displayed in the new analytics section on your Live Blog instance.


Live Blog is not only fun; it’s also easy to use! Most editors find the basics to be self explanatory, and most other questions are clarified in the detailed user manual. So the good news is – there is not much support needed. But if something strange happens and you want to reach out to friendly people that know the tool, we do have support options.

Choose the plan that best fits your needs: There are two free support hours during German business hours for all Live Blog SaaS users. For Live Blog Team subscriptions, four free support hours are included. Details about support packages for Live Blog Corporation subscriptions are available on request. What can we do for you?

The support service is available during the following business hours:

  • Solo: every business day (Monday to Friday, except public holidays in Berlin) from 9:00 until 17:00  CET/CEST. Guaranteed initial response time for high priority tickets: 16 business hours.
  • Team: every business day (Monday to Friday, except public holidays in Berlin) from 9:00 until 17:00  CET/CEST. Guaranteed initial response time for high priority tickets: 8 business hours.
  • Corporation: inquire for further details. 24/7 support is available.