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Introducing Live Blog 3.5

by Anna Rohleder |  January 15, 2019

Building on the usability and performance improvements that made Live Blog version 3.4 even more flexible and easy to use, we have added great new features for collaboration and managing content, as well as ads, in version 3.5.

New features include:

  • Post Flagging – indicates a post being edited which makes others aware of who is working on those posts
  • Default SEO Theme and AMP Theme now supports more than two levels of nesting/inheritance.  
  • A new repository of custom post types: https://github.com/liveblog/custom-post-types

Improvements include:

  • Improved blog notifications when new posts are created by team members
  • Team subscription allows a new maximum number of themes
  • Better image handling, especially for image galleries
  • Easier social sharing, including Facebook and AMP-compatible tweets
  • Unpublished posts are easier to find and manage
  • Improved display of ads, across a variety of themes

Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about the latest updates to Live Blog: saas@liveblog.pro

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