Introducing Live Blog 3.7

Introducing Live Blog 3.82.2: Theme Styling and Post Scheduling

by Aleksandar Jeličić |  September 7, 2022

Our live blogging platform comes with several different themes pre-installed, but many users would like to personalise the look and feel of their live blog at a more granular level.

This can be useful for matching the branding of the website where your live blog is embedded or simply to have more creative flexibility with your live blogging.

Theme styling from backend

Change fonts, colors and styles directly from the admin interface, without any programming knowledge. Use any font from Google Fonts with one click.
In our release 3.82.2, you will have the option to change the style of Live Blog’s default theme from within the theme settings. In particular, you will be able to change the following:

  • fonts, along with their colours and sizes
  • background colour of the blog
  • background colour of the text for embed(s), photo, and quote post types
  • maximum width of the Live Blog embed, as well as its margins and padding



This new feature will be available for Team and Corporate subscription levels, and can be found in the new “Styles” tab in Theme Settings, when you are using the Default SEO Theme.


Theme Settings - Theme Styles Live Blog


Post scheduling

This update adds a new publishing time selector to the blog editor, which allows users to plan their content distribution with more precision than ever. In addition, we’ve added a new panel that neatly organizes your scheduled posts.

Other features

  • The ability to show or hide Instagram embed descriptions
  • Setting to remove timestamp in pinned posts
  • Theme dropdown selector to blog creation screen
  • Reinforced publishing mechanism in case of external hosting interruptions
  • Strengthened syndication mechanism
  • Modal dialog UI for shared posts
  • New tests for hardware impact on performance and publishing
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements


To see the additions and improvements in detail for this release, go to the Live Blog releases page on GitHub. Want to know more about what Live Blog can do for your news organisation? Get in touch:

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