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Why Live Blog?

– Set up in minutes; no coding needed, nothing to install or configure
– Easily include social media content, videos and image galleries
– Take advantage of our unique SEO-optimised theme to grow your organic reach
– Expand without limits through Live Blog’s source-accessible code stack
– Syndicate limitless live content from other news outlets

Why live blogging?

News organisations use live blogs for a number of reasons: to reach wider audiences, to increase the transparency of the traditional news-making process, to increase engagement, and even to generate new streams of revenue through blog syndication. Find out everything about live blogging.

  • Curate


    News isn’t news until it’s on Twitter. Our live blogging platform is compatible with more than 400 content providers, which means you won’t have any issue reinforcing your posts with public opinion, the thoughts of global leaders or pictures of [fluffy] kittens.

    Creating a new Live Blog

  • Engage


    Receive, manage and share user comments on your live blog. By encouraging your readers to interact with your coverage, you can keep track of what matters to them most

  • Measure


    Add Google Analytics tracking code to your live blog in seconds. By monitoring how your readers respond to your posts, you’ll be a live blogging expert in no time.

    Creating a new Live Blog

  • SEO

    SEO without using iframes

    Go native! As well as a number of embedding options, Live Blog offers you the choice of displaying your live blog as native content on your website with a Server Side Includes injection. A huge boost to the SEO potential of your live blogging page.

    Creating a new Live Blog

  • Monetise


    Keep your focus on quality content with Live Blog’s simple and effective ad integration. Ideal for use with popular advertising platforms as well as for fulfilling your own ad-sales commitments.

    Creating a new Live Blog

Our live blogging tools are supported by:

  • “With Live Blog we have found a robust, open and flexible tool for live coverages and with Sourcefabric a reliable development partner, who knows how to turn journalistic business models into future proof technology.”

    Christoph Dernbach

    - Christoph Dernbach, Editor-in-chief of Netzwelt and Managing Director of dpa-Infocom

  • “We were very happy to discover Sourcefabric Live Blog.”

    Pihla Lehmusjoki

    - Pihla Lehmusjoki, head of media services, STT-Lehtikuva

  • “Sourcefabric has developed a brilliant and super flexible live blogging platform that allows us to experiment with different ways of sharing information in real time. Being able to embed and pin live video is awesome!”

    Jenni Sargent

    - Jenni Sargent, First Draft News

  • “We are a weekly publication that is in need of methods to increase our audience, influence and revenue, Live Blog is the tool we need to be more in daily contact with our readers.”

    Miguel Mora

    - Miguel Mora, founder and editor-in-chief of

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